snackTAXI Giveaway and the winner is

My Hero!
My Prize!

The winner is ME! Yay!!!!
I get to put this in the Winner's Circle!

The snackTAXI Giveaway ended May 31.

I won!
"Congratulations to @LifeBelowZero for winning my snackTAXI giveaway.You’ll be getting a set that includes a snack-sack and sandwich-sack. I’ll send you more details. Thanks to everyone who entered!"

Got my notice on Twitter! yay!!!!

Where I won
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about Don't Mess With Mama

"By day, I’m a web manager, but by night I love to blog. "

More random things about me:

I’m SUPER cranky in the mornings. Before I had kids, everyone knew not to call me before noon on the weekends. Now that I have kiddos, even they know the mornings are not a good time to wake me up too early or come running into my room screaming at the top of their lungs (though that happens on occasion) – it’s the height of my “Don’t Mess with Mama” attitude
I really hate home decorating. I love what others do but I have no skill or inclination for it
I consider it my duty as a mother to introduce my kids to punk rock music
I hate chocolate but love brownies, hot chocolate and peanut butter cups – I know, I’m weird
I’m a soggy granola mom – I breastfed, co-slept (still do sometimes), did attachment parenting, and give my kids organic food but my kids used disposable diapers and I can’t stop using paper towels
I have taken things out of the trash and put them in the recycling bin – at home, my office (I do it on the down low so no one thinks I’m dumpster diving), kids’ school, etc.
I love nachos from 7-11 with the fake cheese sauce (yes, I know this goes against my whole organic lifestyle)
I’m obsessed with making bento lunches for my kids – no cutesy rice ball shapes. I just love the compact containers
My kids are a quarter Chinese (I’m half) – one looks like me, the other has blond hair. I’ve gotten the “are you the nanny?” comment many times when I’m with him. "