8moms Deal - How I Got Beautiful Hair Bows for The Crew

Beautiful Bows from Ana & Miki

With school starting soon, I knew it was time to redeem an 8moms deal I had been saving for the Crew.

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Ok, I read that, joined free then hit the tweet button and Facebook button once to share.
Later I found out that one of my pals joined and I had an $8 credit sitting in my 8mom account.
I watched deals until one came up that I could use for the Crew.

The kids regularly attend church and I was thinking how sweet it would be if they could have these beautiful bows to wear to church and school.

Here is the 8mom deal that I chose:
I was able to choose FIVE of the Large Bows for my $20.

at 8mom:
purchased this deal:
$10 for $20 towards High Quality Hair Accessories from Ana & Miki!
used $8. credit
my cost $2.

at Ana & Miki
used $20 coupon I purchased at 8mom
Shipping: Standard $5.50

my total cost: $7.50
Total Savings: $18.00

Many of the deals are free if you have an $8 credit!

Current Deal at 8moms:
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