Stacking Coupon Codes to Save on Crocs School Shoes

I sympathize with all you parents scrambling to come up with school clothes in this economy!
It's a daunting task. My challenge today was to find high quality
comfortable shoes for an energetic 11 year old girl.

I chose the McCall Winter Woman's Comfortable Flats.
regular price $29.99
Half off on sale = 14.99

I signed up for crocs via email to get a code for 20% off
used stackable promo code: springfreeship for free shipping.
after using the two codes above:
My total was $11.99 (plus .72 tax) shipped to her door!

Price without purchasing on sale with 2 coupon codes $35.70
My price $12.71
Total Savings:$22.99!

These shoes are on the way to one of the Kid Crew.

note: The email promo code came in just a matter of minutes.
I applied both codes at checkout and paid with a debit card.
If you don't have a credit card (yay, who needs debt!)
You can get these deals online with a debit card form your bank.
If you don't have a bank account, grab a Walmart Money Card
at WalMart or a prepaid Visa to use to shop online.


featurecoupon said...

I didn't think crocs expired any of their 20% coupons for shoes as they seem to repeat. If the do, the code springfreeship i don't think will expire.

coupon code

Top Social Giveaways said...

Thanks for the link to Deals bell, lots of good coupons there!