Choose SMARTSHIELD Sunscreen to protect the Marine Enviornment

I'd like to thank SmartShield for giving me the opportunity to review the product
and tell you why I love it.

As you know, my husband is an ocean conservationist
who helped change laws in 2008 (Year of the Reef)
to protect the Gulf of Mexico from over-fishing.
Marine environments around the globe have other problems besides over fishing.
Pollution from products we use can have a negative impact on fragile ecosystems.
Choosing marine friendly products is an important step to Going Green.

Unlike most sunscreens, SmartShield is approved for use in natural marine habitats.
This eco-friendly sunscreen will not contaminate marine life and is bio-degradable.
It can be used in protected water habitats.

Since the products are non-greasy, you simply apply and continue fishing, swimming, snorkeling, or diving without transferring oily to residue to water or equipment.

When it Comes to Sun Protection, You Need the Best Sunscreen

Using sun protection will help prevent skin damage and reduce the risk of cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you avoid deliberate sunbathing. Every second you're in the sun, you're being bombarded by UV rays that cause skin to brown, wrinkle, shrivel, turn leathery and malignant.
Get smart about sun protection. Get SmartShield. Created to give you the best sun protection!

Smartshield is our choice to protect the Florida Kid Crew,
who regularly swim in water shared with Manatees.
Big thanks to SmartShield for providing a product to protect the Kid Crew.
Skin Cancer is a real threat in the blistering Florida sun!
We feel safer already!