Sign the petition, help kids in Africa

I'm passing on this letter to my readers. I have already signed and knowing your deep commitment
to children, I know you will sign it, too.

From Sheila Nix:

Dear Kathy,
Have you seen the photos? They're horrifying. Young children malnourished and struggling to survive. Thousands of people desperately searching for food and water. Fields and livestock lifeless and depleted. The worst drought in 60 years is ravaging the Horn of Africa. Click here to automatically sign our petition telling world leaders to step up funding and stop this crisis:
Of course these are more than just photos. Real people in the Horn of Africa are suffering through a historic drought that worsens by the hour. Real people are trying to find the food and water they need just to survive one more day. Already tens of thousands have starved to death, and an estimated 11.6 million are in desperate need of basic provisions. I don't know about you, but that's pretty hard to fathom.
Despite the urgency of the situation, most world leaders are responding too slowly. Immediate aid is essential. Yet at the same time we must not let them drop the ball on long term solutions to prevent future crises.
Our petition reads:
Dear World Leaders,
Please urgently provide the full funding that the UN has identified as necessary to help people in the Horn of Africa, and please keep your promises to deliver the long term solutions which could prevent crises like this from happening again.
The truth is this: We have the power to stop starvation- and the causes of starvation. What's happening in the Horn of Africa is horrible, but there's still time to save lives. I don't want to see any more photos like this, and I don't think you do either. Let's make sure our world leaders step up, right now.

Sheila Nix
US Executive Director, ONE