Ten Free Twitter Tools - Grow and Manage Large Followings

1. Just Unfollow - The best fast free tool to weed out all the deadbeats in large Twitter accounts.
No registration, finds your Fans (those who follow you, and you need to follow back)
let's you follow your fans with ease.
Remove deadbeats: shows you all you follow that don't follow you back, remove 100 of them a day.

The most important thing you can do to grow and keep a large following:
Promptly follow back!

Twitter is like brushing your teeth: only brush the teeth that you want to keep!
Only follow back the Twitter followers that you want to keep.

2. ManageFlitter - no registration
With ManageFlitter, you can unfollow Twitter accounts that don’t follow you back, users that clutter your Twitter stream, and people who’ve stopped using Twitter.

3. Blip.fm get your own internet radio station, blip (play) songs from the data base and gain thousands
of Twitter followers. In settings, you can connect your blip to Twitter and also type in tweets along with your songs. my station ( I have 21,437 listeners)

4. Add your Twitter Stream to Facebook HERE
This allows your Facebook Friends and Fans to find and follow you on Twitter.

5. Buffer - Buffer allows you to add many tweets at once, without flooding your followers with too many tweets back to back. All you do is throw a few tweets in your Buffer and the app then schedules them for you throughout the day. No need to figure out when to tweet. It gives your Twitter stream better consistency.

6. Proxlet  mute certain tweets without unfollowing the person altogether. It also eases the pain of finally getting rid of Foursquare tweets and tweets about trending topics that you no longer want to hear about. You can do this under Settings by blocking whole hashtags, terms or apps.

7. su.pr:  if you use StumbleUpon, this link shortener can help you promote your stuff on StumbleUpon. I get a huge response when I use this, big thumbs up!

8.  TwtQpon - create Free Twitter Coupons!
Reward Your Customers.
Offer Exclusive Coupons!
TwtQpon lets you create coupons and use your own network to share them.
What kind of coupons can you create?

Twitter Coupon (TwtQpon)
Basic coupon with instruction about how to redeem and link.
Anybody can access this coupon.

Secret Coupon
Only available to Twitter users.
People have to tweet to claim this coupon.

Followers Coupon
Get new followers on Twitter.
People must follow your account to claim this coupon.

10. Triberr - If you need an invitation, email me topsocialgiveaways@gmail.com
Tribes of similar interest blogs retweet each others blog posts, quickly expanding your Twitter reach, blog and twitter followers. A MUST for any serious blogger. You need bones to join Tribes, you can get them
free when you join and when you give Karma.
You have two choices:
1. join an existing Tribe (instant advantage)
2. Join free without an invitation and build your own Tribes.