Will Santa Claus Have to Move?

The Arctic will be ice-free by about 2030.

Continuing ice decline is related to man-made global warming.Burning fossil fuels is one thing that causes global warming.

All that water has to go somewhere.

This summer was the second-hottest since 1895. The heat buckled roads.

Does our planet also "buckle" when heated, causing earthquakes?

My grandson asked me this question. "Will Santa Claus have to move?"

My answer: My Dear, we might all have to move.

Environmental degradation around the world is creating a new category of people known as "environmental refugees," a United Nations group says.

What's more, the refugees' ranks are growing rapidly.
There are at least 20 million environmental refugees worldwide,more than those displaced by war and political repression combined.
Human migrations are expected to increase as average global temperatures continue to rise and we experience rising sea levels, more severe weather disasters, and other impacts as a result of global warming.

What can you do?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the key to solving global climate change. A major way these gases get into the atmosphere is when people burn coal, oil, and natural gas for energy. Everyone uses energy, and everyone can be part of the solution!
But don't forget that climate change is already happening. We're seeing some of the impacts now, and we'll experience more in the future. So we need to prepare and plan for the changes we know are coming.